Share with us your ‘Pyaar Ka Pulaav’ Moment!

Raindrops 'Pyaar ka Pulaav' Contest

There must be a moment of love that finally pushed all apprehensions aside, pulled the violins to play music in ears and confirmed that yes, you are in love. At Raindrops, we have decided to call that very moment as – ‘Pyaar ka Pulaav’ moment. And we are asking our Facebook fans and offline fans too to come and share with us the story when you started smelling the Pulaav being cooked between you two.

We are giving away couple rice packs as gifts and trying to give to every participant :)) Wow!! Now that’s some unusual about a contest.

All you need to do is share your Pyaar ka Pulaav moment along with a picture that defines the moment as well. Below are gist of entries received till now. Not sharing the complete story but of course the line that would tell you about the magical moment.

~ We kept meeting in summer vacations and once we realized that we like and love each other.

~ the first look that he gave me melted my heart…

~ The time we spent together was magical and could not be explained in words. And at that time We realized Bingo !!!

~ Aankhon se need udi… aur dil se gaya karaar, Tab samajh aaya ki… ho gaya hai mujhe Pyaar ka bukhaar !!

Just click the image above to participate and win the Couple Rice Packs!


About raindropsbasmatirice

Raindrops basmati rice a premium packaged basmati rice from the house of REI Agro Limited. True to its name Raindrops basmati rice is “pure rice from pure water”. Cultivated in the foothills for Himalayas, (home of genuine basmati rice) it is irrigated from the pure water coming from the melting of ice on Himalayas. These natural geographic conditions are prime factors behind the unique characteristics of Raindrops Basmati Rice. Handpicked crop is processed at our state of the art plant and presented to you in modern packaging that preserves the pristine taste.

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