Different Colours of Rice

We all know Rice is a staple food but it has other uses as well:

Staple food: Rice is used as a staple food by more than 60 percent of world population. Cooking of rice is a most popular way of eating.

Starch: Rice starch is used in making ice cream, custard powder, puddings, gel, distillation of potable alcohol, etc.

Rice bran: It is used in confectionery products like bread, snacks, cookies and biscuits. The defatted bran is also used as cattle feed, organic fertilizer (compost), and medicinal purpose and in wax making.

Rice bran oil: Rice bran oil is used as edible oil, in soap and fatty acids manufacturing. It is also used in cosmetics, synthetic fibers, detergents and emulsifiers. It is nutritionally superior and provides better protection to heart.

Flaked rice: It is made from parboiled rice and used in many preparations.

Puffed rice: It is made from paddy and used as whole for eating.

Parched rice: It is made from parboiled rice and is easily digestible.

Rice husk: It is used as a fuel, in board and paper manufacturing, packing and building materials and as an insulator. It is also used for compost making and chemical derivatives.

Rice broken: It is used for making food item like breakfast cereals, baby foods, rice flour, noodles, rice cakes, etc. and also used as a poultry feed.

Rice straw: Mainly used as animal feed, fuel, mushroom bed, for mulching in horticultural crops and in preparation of paper and compost.

Paddy as a seed: The paddy is used as seed.


About raindropsbasmatirice

Raindrops basmati rice a premium packaged basmati rice from the house of REI Agro Limited. True to its name Raindrops basmati rice is “pure rice from pure water”. Cultivated in the foothills for Himalayas, (home of genuine basmati rice) it is irrigated from the pure water coming from the melting of ice on Himalayas. These natural geographic conditions are prime factors behind the unique characteristics of Raindrops Basmati Rice. Handpicked crop is processed at our state of the art plant and presented to you in modern packaging that preserves the pristine taste.

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