A Heavenly Affair


Raindrops Basmati Rice

Rice is always considered to be Godly or heavenly from the ancient times in India and other parts of the world. Right from the sowing of rice grains in the fields till harvesting of Rice, every stage of its production is celebrated or worshipped. In fact in every rice-producing state or country, rice is associated with at least one god or goddess. For example in India, Rice is associated with the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Laxmi. It is also said that, in every household where there is always an abundance of rice grains, goddess Laxmi will always reside in that household ensuring abundance of wealth and prosperity.

In fact, in some places in south east Asian countries, men are not supposed to enter the rice fields due to their consideration as the rice field as their goddess. Hence only women work or eligible to enter such fields.

But if we go by the statistics, we can see rice as the biggest feeder to the mankind. In fact more than 60% of the world’s population feeds on rice.  Naturally, when it feeds so many people, it has to have some property which is close to the mankind most, ie. Love. So its not wrong to say rice as an heavenly substance.


About raindropsbasmatirice

Raindrops basmati rice a premium packaged basmati rice from the house of REI Agro Limited. True to its name Raindrops basmati rice is “pure rice from pure water”. Cultivated in the foothills for Himalayas, (home of genuine basmati rice) it is irrigated from the pure water coming from the melting of ice on Himalayas. These natural geographic conditions are prime factors behind the unique characteristics of Raindrops Basmati Rice. Handpicked crop is processed at our state of the art plant and presented to you in modern packaging that preserves the pristine taste.

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