…because there is Something in originality

531172_491496777532388_178045825_nIn the market, there are many brands which sell basmati rice. Some sell authentic basmati rice, but many sell duplicate basmati rice. In fact many shop keepers lure their customers giving duplicate basmati rice at relatively cheaper prices by saying it is as good as the original basmati rice. But this is a very dangerous marketing strategy by some greedy shop keepers, and people should be aware of such false claims.

In order to aware people of the potential risk of eating duplicate basmati rice, this blog covers some points explaining the said issue in brief.

Price Difference: Duplicate basmati rice seems cheap in price but if you think for a minute, u will find it expensive because they are selling normal rice grains at higher prices in the name of basmati rice. Whereas original basmati rice is value for the money as its price justifies its originality.

Nutritional Value: Duplicate basmati rice has lower levels of nutritional value hence not advisable to eat as it gives very less nutrition to your daily requirements of body. Whereas original basmati rice is advisable to be consumed on a daily basis, as it is highly nutritious especially for growing children.

Aroma: Original basmati rice gives highly pleasing aroma on cooking the dishes. But duplicate basmati rice does not give any distinctive aroma on cooking.



A Pricey Affair

pic5Since I got married to Rahul, my friends used to tease me saying, my relationship with my husband is a “Pricey Affair”. It sounds funny but it is true. Not because I gave truckloads of dowry for the marriage or I had to spent a big amount during my marriage but because Rahul is a financial professional, a bank manager. So naturally his vocabulary consists most of the terms which are linked to finance and accounts, and I being commerce graduate hence a “Pricey Affair”.
Though I have never faced any major problem in our marriage but certainly one month in a year really gives me jitters. March, the most dreaded month for the financial professionals, when they have to calculate, streamline and submit a year’s financial figures and on top of filing income tax papers of the office are certainly a daunting task.
And naturally after returning from the office, Rahul never used to keep a good mood and patient during this month. But this year there is a different story as I have found a trump card. That’s Raindrops Basmati Rice. Now using the finest of the basmati rice, I have started making such nice recipes that not only tastes good but also fills the house with an amazing aroma. The moment he comes back from the office, he just forgets the work related tensions and look forwarded to having dinner. Naturally, after a good dinner he becomes as sweet as he is during other months. And the funniest thing because of this is, again we have been referred to as a couple with “Pricey Affair”, but this time not because of his profession but because of our sweet relationship, even in the most feared month of the year, which is certainly priceless.
Thank You Raindrops Basmati Rice!

Ambassador of Solidarity

1346234402India-Japan-FlagCross Cultural Marriages are really an exciting affair. And especially Intra-Asiatic marriages where marriages are not just a ritual but a celebration where members of both the sides of the groom and bride participate in a generally week long festivities associated with the wedding. But these celebrations turn funny and hilarious when the two sides belong to different countries and subsequent different cultures.

And I witnessed the same in my marriage in which my husband’s side came from japan and we the bride side welcomed them at the epicentre of culture in eastern India – Kolkata.

I and my husband tried our level best to mediate the communication between both the sides but as obvious it was not possible for us to be present with them all the time. Since the wedding day was approaching, we feared a confrontation between the two sides as they couldn’t understand each other nor communicate. But surprisingly nothing of such hostility took place, which was feared by us. And the reason was surprisingly interesting.

Actually it was rice which came to our rescue. Since rice is the staple food of both the countries, both the sides were comfortable and happy at the eating table. Since most of the confrontations take place during the meals at any given wedding, this was easily avoided here due to the similar easiness and acceptability of rice in the main course menu. Japanese were quite happy to know similarity between Indian and their rice cooking methods. In fact both the sides happily exchanged recipes of rice dishes and enjoyed cooking it too. Really, never knew rice can be an international ambassador of solidarity and joy.

Another side of rice

Interesting facts about riceYou may not heard these about rice before. We though why not bring it to the platter for you 🙂

  • Rice is the primary dietary staple for more than half of the world’s population.
  • Instead of saying “How are you?” as a typical greeting, the Chinese ask “Have you had your rice today?”
  • Asia, has more than 200 million rice farms
  • Rice is grown in more than a hundred countries, with a total harvested area in 2009 of approximately 158 million hectares, producing more than 700 million tons annually. About 90% of the rice in the world is grown in Asia (nearly 640 million tons).
  • In Thailand, men aren’t allowed to enter rice paddies because the deity Mae Posop, who is considered to be the ‘mother of rice’  resides in the rice fields.
  • Rice grains in Japan are affectionately called ‘Little Buddhas’.
  • One of the secrets to Chinese architecture under the Chinese Ming dynasty (1300-1600) can be found hidden in limestone. Rice, which adds strength and stability, was used in the walls of the city of Nanjing.
  • In India, rice is the first meal that a wife serves to her husband after their marriage, but it is also the first food given to newborn babies, as it’s considered auspicious for future prosperity.
  • Originating in Switzerland, pillows made of natural textiles stuffed with rice are an excellent aid for relieving back and neck pain. First heated up in the microwave, they are then positioned over the painful area.