Because We Care For You…


Though kitchen is one of the most beautiful space in our residences but if are distracted, it might become  a potential dangerous rooms in the house, where things like cuts, burns and fires are quite common. But Raindrops Basmati Rice cares for you and your family’s safety. Hence we are providing some basic safety tips while working in kitchen.

  • Electrical Appliances should be kept away from the sink or any water source.
  • Hands should be dry before touching an electrical plug.
  • Never put any other material other than microwave proof utensils in a Microwave.
  • Use grills outside only, since indoor grills produce lot of carbon monoxide.
  • Use long-handled utensils while cooking to avoid burns.
  • To prevent kitchen fires always check any leakage in Gas Pipes
  • Keep flammable items and fire prone clothing away from burners.
  • Always keep the stove clean to avoid ignition problems.
  • Steam burns faster than boiling water, so open heated containers slowly and away from yourself.
  • Do not touch the pan until it cools completely.
  • Have the appliance inspected before using it for the first time for any electrical malfunctioning.
  • If you get a burn immediately place the burn under running cool water until pain decreases and then put any antiseptic cream.
  • First Aid kit should always be kept in easy reach.
  • Never be distracted while cooking.