himalayan rice fields-u7885My childhood was spent in the foothills of Himalayas. We used to live in a beautiful village which was surrounded by lush green vegetation on one side and slopes of the Himalayas on the other side. I still remember how I used to spent long hours playing in the shadow of the formidable mountains with my friends. Everything was so beautiful and cheerful about my childhood memories. But one thing which I used to miss the most was the aroma of the rice which used to grow in the fields of our village. The delicacies which used to be made from the rice of our village had a taste, which I miss even in the best of the restaurants in the cities, until recently my mother served me not just the same rice but the sweet memories of my childhood.

I was shocked by the aroma of the rice, as it was the same which I was missing in USA since we shifted after I got a job here. How did my mother managed to get the rice of our village in a country which is so far off from India! Before I could think further my mother sensed the coming question and placed a packet of rice in front of me. It was Raindrops Basmati Rice. I got my answer. I got my memories of the childhood. Thank you raindrops for getting the right rice from the right place of its origin.